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Hire2Speak_Photo2Does your organization need a powerful speaker who can connect, inspire, and inform? If so, hire BIG’s founder, Jane Perdue.

She brings a warm, engaging, and informative style that makes her audience feel like she is speaking one-on-one with them. Through Jane’s dynamic and inter-active programs, people learn to lead big, think big, dream big, give big, and live big. They are moved to action by her powerful and inspirational messages that get to the heart of managing ourselves and leading others.

Jane provides keynotes, breakouts and workshops, standard or customized, designed to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness, engagement, and profitability.

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Sample Keynote Topics

Be a Both / And Leader

Imagine the extraordinary results an organization could achieve if their leadership team was capable of delivering both/and kinds of outcomes, things like being able to produce results and build meaningful employee connections, practice tough empathy yet be a resourceful maverick, embrace innovation while learning from failure, and fostering competition within a collaborative environment.

In this comfort zone blasting keynote, Jane urges her audience to escape the tyranny of either/or thinking, learn how to build a culture of respectful irreverence, unrelenting empathy, and unparalleled performance; and gain insights into effectively managing the seemingly irreconcilable trade-offs of today’s business environment.

Length: 60 minutes including Q&A

5 Leadership Lessons

Jane had achieved the career of her dreams—the executive job complete with corner office and personal assistant, six-figure income, and all the designer shoes she wanted. Then a new boss described her as a “soft and round Aunt Polly” and a female colleague as a “colorful butterfly.”

Appalled by that description, Jane doubled down to prove to the organization that she was a real business woman, not some soft and round wannabe who wasn’t a power player. But then the almost unthinkable happened, Jane finally understood that being described as an Aunt Polly wasn’t bad at all, that there were five valuable leadership lessons in that experience: step up, be kind, be the water, think big, and get power.

Length: 60 minutes including Q&A

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want Power

In today’s “new normal” of business practices, power is a “must have” accessory for everyone, regardless of where their job sits in the organizational hierarchy. Having a thorough understanding of what personal and professional power is a key leadership skill, pooh-bah status or great wealth not required.

In this fascinating and provocative speech Jane taps into a wealth of research and personal experience to share the wide variety of sources of personal and positional power that are available to all of us and how we can benefit from using them.

Length: 60 minutes including Q&A

Sample Workshops

Using Paradox to Fuel Promotions

Paradoxes are contradictory yet interrelated elements that are both necessary over time for success, like managing results and relationships. Research shows that women who manage paradoxical situations receive three times the promotions as those who do not. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the seven signs of dealing with a paradox.

Sharing Your Accomplishments

Self-promotion is a critical leadership skill that produces disproportionate rewards and is one that many women struggle to master. Research shows women take up 25 percent of the “talk time” in meetings and men the other 75. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn what gets in the way of self-promotion, and how to tactfully and gracefully have a voice and a seat at the table.

Negotiate for What You Want

Negotiation is a pivotal leadership skill for managing conflict, creating value, and distributing resources. Drawing on her 14 years of union contract negotiation experience, Jane teaches her negotiating formula, F2 + A + D. Workshop participants are guided in mastering the process of learning to diplomatically get what they need and feel confident in the process.