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The Character Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution One Person at a Time

The Character-Based Leader is a must-read for anyone who realizes that leading from who you are—rather than your position—is the key to longevity and satisfaction in any leadership role. Written by 21  members of the Lead Change Group, this book challenges and inspires you to take ACTION and Lead Change!  The Character-Based Leader explores how leading from who you is an essential element of leadership.

BIG’s Jane Perdue wrote Chapter 7, “Using Your Head to Manage and Your Heart to Lead.”  Jane shares insights and stories about three concepts: valuing both results and relationships, being an inclusive thinker, and leveraging the power of integrity and character.

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Yes You Can! Reaching Your Potential While Achieving Greatness

Jane Perdue, leadership futurist, consultant, and speaker, joined best-selling authors Dr. Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader, and the late Jim Rohn, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, in contributing chapters to this inspiring book.

In Yes You Can you’ll learn:

  • How organizations build cultures that embrace courage
  • How leadership drives positive change

In Jane’s chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How leaders use their head to manage and their heart to lead
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