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Meet Jane

Jane Perdue, CEO/Principal of the consulting firm Braithwaite Innovation Group, is a leadership futurist who writes, speaks and consults about leadership, power, and leveraging differences. Her passions are developing leaders, furthering women’s issues as business issues, and shaking up the leadership status quo. Accidentally inspired by a clueless male boss who described her as a “soft and round Aunt Polly” and a female colleague as a “colorful butterfly,” she began her entrepreneurial and writing career. Jane brings seekers and solvers together to lead big, work big, dream big, give big, and live big.

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My History

I worked as a vice president for 15 years in several Fortune 500 telecommunication companies including Comcast and AT&T Broadband, managing multi-million dollar budgets and thousands of employees, creating strategy, negotiating labor contracts, developing leaders, mentoring women, and accumulating a staggering collection of shoes and purses. I’ve co-authored two leadership books as well as a research paper on women and their relationship with power. My articles have appeared inSmartBrief, Insights, Forbes, LeadBIG, Best Kept Self, and Lead Change Group. I’m a current member, and former President, of the Board of Directors for the Center for Women, the largest skill development 501(c)(3) nonprofit in South Carolina and routinely presents to businesses, conferences, and organizations. I’m a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications, Betsy Magness Leadership Institute, National Association for Female Executives, National Association of Professional Women, The Coach Exchange, Center for Women, and Ellevate.

My Favorite Projects

JP_FloatingLogoI love being involved with projects that combine the best thinking of seekers and solvers to transform how we think about and practice leadership, especially with an eye toward leveraging differences and creating gender balance. Partnering with an organization to develop curriculum for a leadership development program based on using paradox to increase diversity is a recent favorite.

Highest Accomplishments

JP_FloatingLogoThat it only took me 20 years to finally realize that true success is more than having a fancy title, corner office, and lots of shoes.

My Work Process

JP_FloatingLogoMy work style is bit unorthodox. I don’t spend time trying to prove that a specific list of leadership attributes is the one and only; rather, I focus on developing an appreciation for capitalizing on differences. I warn clients to expect lots of questions and be willing to experience purposeful discomfort.

Off Topic Favorite Things to Do

JP_FloatingLogoMy list of fav non-work things is pretty eclectic: watching the sun set and dolphins swim from the dock; trying out new recipes, especially seafood ones; collecting black and white photography; making quirky jewelry; having a picnic dinner at the beach; dreaming; adding to my shoe collection; volunteering; doing yoga; and lobbying for chocolate to be a food group.

Good Stuff and Other Things That Make Me Smile

Jane's Blog

Where Jane come to share thoughts and inspiration n how to step, up, think big, get power, be kind and be the water.
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Advice to 20 year-old me

In this Ellevate interview,  Jane shares what advice she would give if she could talk to her younger self.

Perdue Speaks at WICT Carolinas Conference

Jane Perdue, Principal of Braithwaite Innovation Group and Betsy Magness Leadership Institute alumnae, was the keynote speaker at the opening session of the WICT Carolinas 2012 Annual Conference.

Can leaders be kind and show love?

I recently asked a male colleague for his thoughts on why so few women are included in the multitude of leadership guru/expert lists.

5 Women Who Inspire Me

Through what they say and do, great leaders exemplify character, courage, resilience, competence and likeability. Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired to reach for my leadership best by these five women.

Quoted in HBR

I was tickled pink, green and purple to be quoted in the Harvard Business Review. “Leaders should not conclude from this research that they must eschew fairness to climb the corporate ladder. Rather, they should feel emboldened to practice a new style of leadership in which both power and respect are equally valued. A top-down shift rewarding both fairness and power would be lovely, but why wait?”

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